"Together Forever" 9ct Gold Permanent Bracelet


Our "Together Forever" 9ct Gold Permanent Welded Bracelet celebrates an unbreakable connection with our loved ones. Made of 9ct gold belcher chain, this bracelets is perfect adding charms.


  • 9ct Gold : Bask in the warm glow of 9ct yellowsgold, a metal chosen for its timeless elegance and the everlasting nature of your commitment.

  • Welded Permanence: No traditional clasps here – just a welded connection symbolising your commitment to be "Together Forever." A tangible reminder of the strength and unity of your relationship.

  • Eternal Design: Adorned with a classic belcher design that transcends trends, this bracelet is a wearable design, seamlessly blending into your everyday style while carrying the weight of your enduring love.

  • Comfortable Unity: Lightweight and designed for everyday wear, this bracelet ensures that the symbol of your everlasting love remains close and comforting.

Why "Together Forever"? More than a piece of jewellery, this 9ct gold permanent bracelet embodies the essence of eternal love. As a symbol of commitment and unity, each link represents the unbreakable bond shared by two souls choosing to navigate life's journey "Together Forever."

Whether a gift to your significant other or a personal declaration of love, let this bracelet serve as a constant reminder of the timeless connection you share.  It's available as a permanent anklet, or can even be made with a clasp for those who can't wear a permanent bracelet.

Experience the brilliance of gold, the permanence of welding, and the beauty of a love meant to be "Together Forever" with this exquisite 9ct Gold Permanent Welded Bracelet.