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I'm Chantelle (formerly of Crystelle Jewellery) and I'm excited to bring to you the hottest new jewellery trend -  Permanent Bracelets in Rushden, Northamptonshire.  Perfect to symbolise love forever between best friends, family and couples! 

Get 'Forever Linked' to your loved ones with a permanent bracelet, (or anklet) at one of our pop up studios or even your own home!   

Every Saturday & Sunday @ The Spa Retreat  (Unit 6 Home Farm, Knuston, NN29 7EX) BOOK HERE

Dates TBC @ Rushden Lakes (The Leisure Terrace)

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his and hers permanent bracelets

Get Matching Bracelets!

Whether for friends or sisters, matching bracelets tell stories of laughter, support, and shared adventures. Mix & match chains and connectors links.

mother daughter matching permanent bracelets

"Mummy & Me" 

Create meaningful connections with this package, a permanent bracelet for mum and a matching one (with clasp) for her beloved daughter. 

permanent bracelets friendship

Personalise Your Bracelet

Mix and match chains and charms to create a personalised permanent bracelet that reflects your style and captures your most treasured moments, 

About us

 You can find us on Saturdays (by appointment) at our pop up studio  - The Spa Retreat in Knuston, NN29 7EX.  We also have pop ups at Rushden Lakes, where no appointment is necessary, or we can come to your location.  (we require a minimum of 4 people to have bracelets in order to book this) 

Get your permanent bracelet or anklet by booking an appointment with us here.

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“I absolutely love my permanent bracelet!  I got a matching chain with my sister, at the Rushden Lakes pop up shop.  I'll definitely be coming back for an anklet next time!”

— Sophie M.

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Our Pop Up Locations

The Spa Retreat,                                The Leisure Terrace

Unit 6, Home Farm,                           Rushden Lakes

Knuston NN29 7EX                           NN10 6FH

Please contact us before your journey to confirm our location!

The Bracelet Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Permanent Bracelets?

Also referred to as forever bracelets, endless chain, zapped jewellery, or welded infinity bracelets, permanent bracelets and anklets are a unique way to honour any commitment you might be making, whether to a loved one or yourself. Looking for a special way to celebrate a birthday bridal shower, baby shower or anniversary?

Where are you based?

We have a pop up shop at Rushden Lakes, and The Spa Retreat in Knuston, Northants. You can also book us for private events at your home or location, throughout Northamptonshire.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! A permanent bracelet is a painless and safe process of welding the metal, creating a customised fit bracelet or anklet.

What if my bracelets stretches or breaks?

While permanent bracelets are meant for normal everyday wear, the chains can break if subject to force of any nature. However we will fix your bracelet for free if it breaks within 14 days (subject to the chain not being stretched, twisted or in more than 2 pieces)  After 14 days we only guarantee the weld point (the tiny ring)

If your bracelet snaps on the chain part, there will be a re-weld charge of £15. Please note: If the chain is not in it's original condition, (i.e it's stretched, twisted beyond repair or contains multiple breaks) a new chain will need to be purchased,

What about going through airport security?

Due to the thin chains, most airport security will not require you to take off permanent jewellery.

What chains do you have available?

We have a selection of chains available, that is always being updated. They include sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct white gold, and 14ct gold filled. You're sure to find something you love!

How long does it last?

Your permanent bracelet can last weeks, months, years - as long as you want! Keep in mind, while welded permanent bracelets are meant for everyday wear, it is still fine jewellery, and not invincible. It will snap when subjected to force, but you'd rather the chain break, than your skin!

Do I have to remove it for surgery, MRI scans or Xrays?

Yes, most medical procedures will require you to remove your permanent bracelet before having any medical procedure carried out. We are happy to do this for you free of charge, and will re-weld your bracelet or anklet for £15.

Can I get an Anklet?

Yes! Anklets are fantastic for those who can't wear permanent bracelets for whatever reason.

Can I ever take it off?

Yes! Your bracelet or anklet can be easily removed with scissors or cutting pliers at the welding point.(the tiny ring)

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, We recommend that you make an appointment as this service is very popular.  At Rushden Lakes Pop up, no appointments are required.  If you are bringing more than one person with you, make sure you notify us in the notes section of the booking form.

Please note, we cannot accommodate late arrivals (more than 15 minutes late) 

How much does it cost?

Our chains are competitively priced, and start at £35 for a sterling silver curb chain, right up to £175 for a 9ct gold figaro chain.

Can I customise my piece?

Yes! We have a selection of sterling silver, and gold filled charms including initials, zodiac symbols and gemstones. Plus a smaller range of gold charms.

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