Permanent Jewellery Care Tips



How To Look After Your Permanent Bracelet or Anklet

Once your permanent bracelet or anklet has been welded on, it obviously can't be removed for cleaning and maintenance!  So how can you keep it shiny and new looking?


  • Clean with warm soapy water and dry carefully
  • Use jewellery cleaning cloths to buff to a shine
  • Avoid spraying perfumes directly on the chain
  • Dress and undress with care (especially when wearing belts / tight clothing etc)
  • Remember when sunbathing / using sunbeds that metals conduct heat!
  • Regularly inspect the weld point and chain for signs of wear to prevent breakage/loss


How To Clean My Tarnished Silver Permanent Bracelet

When your jewellery cleaning cloths aren't enough, and you've tried everything to get rid of the tarnished discolouration on your permanent bracelet,  you need to use a commercial jewellery cleaner to reverse the natural chemical reaction that silver has.

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